NFC Coming to BlackBerry, confirmed by RIM

• 19/02/2011
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NFC is kind of a big deal now.  And it’s been a recurrent message from RIM in the past few months.  They’ve said it before and and they said it again at MWC last week, and now this time they are being even more specific.  That’s right, near-field communications will be included for “many, if not most” future BlackBerry smartphones.

NFC on smartphones is a logical next step in technology, enabling people to tap their phone on sensors for payment at retail stores, get through security checkpoints, and really the possibilities are endless.

BlackBerry isn’t the first to offer NFC chip technology in smartphones, with the Samsung Nexus S being the first to snag that honor.  Now that RIM is throwing their devices into the NFC mix, it will likely be only a short time while the rest of the device manufacturers jump on the bandwagon.

[Source -IntoMobile]

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