BlackBerry Messenger 6.0 will have new features and a new look

• 07/04/2011

blackberry messenger 6 bbm rim bbm6

The latest version of blackberry messenger 6.0 to come out has a set of new features and looks that could make this another one of those reasons BlackBerry users stay with RIM devices, that is if it doesn’t come out for other platforms as well.

Some of the new features will be new BBOS 6.1 icons, also you’ll be able to change the colors for contacts to make them easily recognizable (or not). Other than that, it’s all just eye candy right now. Also, word is that there’s a BBM6 version online. Do not be tempted to install it, and wait for the official update from the BlackBerry App Market.

blackberry messenger 6 bbm rim bbm6

blackberry messenger 6 bbm rim bbm6

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