Anticipate Mobile Phone Blackout in London 2012 Olympics

• 02/10/2011

In the heart of London, we find the bustling and hustling of our busy capital every day, but next year expect London to be busier than ever as the 2012 Olympics event will kick off, and maybe you might be one of those who will attend the Olympics in our capital, I’m telling you now don’t expect a surge of mobile texts from sending and receiving them as such from your mobile phone.

According to Ubergizmo by way of The Telegraph, Boris Johnson, it was admitted by the Mayor of London the possible reason behind it is the volume of Olympic attenders coming in the capital as they witness Olympic events as expected this may lead to mobile phone blackouts.

Johnson says that they are doing an extensive amount of work to ensure that there will be enough coverage. He said they also want to be realistic as the game in the men’s 100m final. People definitely would like to download massive amounts of data, which can greatly affect the networks. They are planing to install enough mast, physical infrastructure and coverage for the immense demands, as he is confident, they can make something out of this problem.

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The Chief Executive of BT Openzone, Chris Bruce has acknowledged the problem, and says that this will be a great challenge, especially in peak times because a mainly large number of people will do everything at once, and that puts a strain on the bulk.

Before the London 2012 Olympics kick off, BT plans to have rolled out with “500,000 wi-fi hotspots” and some of which will be probably free.

No matter what happens, those who will attend London 2012 Olympics will experience no doubt get issues on their smartphone just like any other case, especially if there is a massive gathering of people such as New Year’s Eve.


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