New low end OS called Meltemi being worked on by Nokia

• 05/10/2011

A brand new low-end operating system that will be built on Linux and has been called Meltemi is currently being created by one of the largest mobile handset manufacturers in the world, Nokia.

Following what appears to have been a rather unsuccessful release of the more high powered MeeGo OS on its Nokia N9 handset, which will be the last time the OS is used, the company has made the decision to move onto the Meltemi design plan.

Luckily a recent partnership with Microsoft means that Nokia will now be replacing the MeeGo OS for the Windows Phone 7 OS as the high-end option for its more powerful Smartphones.

Claims have been made that Mary McDowell, the EVP for mobile phones at Nokia will be heading up the development of the new Meltemi OS, although so far there have been no confirmations or even announcements regarding these rumours.

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The idea behind Nokia’s development of Meltemi is to build on its already substantial position in the low-end and developing markets in an effort to cover the sizeable share of the high-end marketplace that many of its rival manufacturers have taken from it.

The key reason for its painful losses in the high-end arena is because it has taken so long to bring out WP7 on its big smartphones when the Mango 7.5 upgrade has already been made available on the handsets made by HTC and Samsung.


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