New Law in UK may let teachers take students mobile device and look

• 29/03/2011


A new law is being considered in the UK which will allow a teacher to search a student, as well as their locker, book bags and…their mobile phones. Talk about a violation of privacy, but the NASWUT (National Association of Schoolmasters / Union of Women Teachers) seems to think that this is necessary for them to effectively manage the students, and draw out the ones causing problems during class, thus preventing the teachers from being able to teach.

There’s been many news stories and such over text bullying with kids now a days, but you know what…maybe the parents should seriously reconsider whether their kid NEEDS a cell phone. While this law should not pass as it totally violates one’s privacy, parents need to make sure that their kids use it for what it was designed to do, not communicate and bully by text during class.

There are other ways to keep kids behaving, and cell phones do not need to be in schools. Install those cell signal blockers they have in hospitals…that’ll put an end to it quick. What did we ever do when there was an emergency BEFORE cell phones…. we used a land line at the secretaries office, and parents called the secretary explaining it was an emergency. simple.

[Via – intomobile]

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