Mystery shop finds Mazuma Mobile to be the best mobile phone recycler in the UK

• 25/09/2011

In the current climate more and more people are looking to supplement their income and one way they in which they can do this is by recycling old mobile handsets they have lying around in drawers around their house.

There are a number of firms these days that are willing to pay a reasonable price for both working and non-working phones so anyone looking for a recycling company for their mobile phones might be interested to know that Mazuma Mobile has recently been named as the best mobile phone recycler in Britain by an independent mystery shopping company.

Nine of the main mobile phone recycling firms were recently evaluated and then rated by a team of secret shoppers from Service Science. Between July and August a number of areas like service quality, speed of service and overall performance were assessed and Mazuma apparently beat all of its rivals.

Those that are looking to get their hands on the money for their handsets quickly will be pleased to hear that Mazuma’s turnaround times are the best in the business with the company paying out in three days compared to the fifteen days that rival recycling companies take to send the money.


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