More than half of mobile phone owners think their data is secure

• 22/09/2011

The results of a recent study have shown that more than half of the mobile phone owners in the UK believe that they have no need to worry about security issues when it comes to the data on their handsets.

In total, 54 percent of mobile phone owners thought that their data was secure, despite the fact that a massive 86 percent admitted to having no security software installed.

The 54 percent who were not concerned about security issues believed that if their handset was lost or stolen their data would still be secure. However, experts said that those who have not installed security software are not protected and are practically handing their details on a plate to any thieves who get hold of their handset and want to go through their personal data.

The survey was carried out by mobile device retailer Carphone Warehouse, which polled over two thousand users in the UK as part of the study.

Strangely, the majority of those that did not bother protecting the data on their mobile handsets were not so lax when it came to their PCs and laptops, as the figures showed that 89 percent of those polled had security software installed on their computers.


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