Mom suspended from work for answering a personal call

• 21/02/2011

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Crane Interiors is a small company in Tennessee that makes boating seats and trim for manufacturers. Teresa Danford is an employee there, who also is the mother of a soldier who is currently serving in Afghanistan, who seldom gets the opportunity to talk to her son.

Well, while she was at work, her mobile phone rang, which Teresa was now left with the decision of breaking company policy about “no phone calls” during work and talk to her son, or miss the call, and hope for another sometime in the future. She answered the call.

She was suspended for 3 days after coming into work the next day, and was also informed that if it happened again, the offence would result in being fired, regardless of the reasoning behind the calls.

An HR spokesperson for Crane issued this statement;

It is our policy that there is to be no cell phones used during working hours due to safety concerns within a production environment. Employees are allowed to use cell phones during breaks and lunches. We have a communicated policy for all employees to be reached in case of an emergency.

Since this story broke out, Crane looked pretty stupid, and as such, Teresa was paid for her suspended time and the company has apologized for its ‘militant’ policies…pardon the pun.

[Source – intomobile]

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