Mobile phone networks could reach capacity during the Olympic Games in 2012

• 01/10/2011

In a desperate effort to avoid chaos on mobile phone networks during the Olympic Games in 2012 a plea has gone out to London requesting that it begins building more Wi-Fi hotspots.

With more than a million visitors expected to hit London over the course of the Olympic Games the city has been advised that it must build thousands of new Wi-Fi hotspots or it could find its mobile internet access grinding to a painful halt.

Already aware of the huge implications of having a much larger number of users than normal trying to get online over their mobile phone network the Mayor of London Boris Johnson warned of the huge strain networks could come under at peak times unless something was done about it.

Major network operators like Virgin Media have already stated that efforts to avoid this impending network capacity problem are moving far too slowly and something needs to be done sooner rather than later.

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Although building more Wi-Fi hotspots in the capital is likely to be the best way to combat capacity issues ahead of the Olympics there could still be an issue with connection speeds for users.

Whichever network provider wins the contract to build the new wireless network will most likely provide its own customers with the fastest connection speeds and any users that aren’t with the provider will be forced onto its much slower guest Wi-Fi accounts.


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