McDonalds now has Free Wi-Fi in Canadian store locations

• 19/05/2011

mcdonalds wifi

When McDonalds was first built, the idea was to keep people in and out as fast as possible to turn the seats faster, thus making more money. This is why the colors red and yellow were used in the color scheme, as psychologically, they are turn-offs to the human eye, at least for most people. Times are a changing, because McDonalds has put a service in place that will keep people in the store much longer, without having to look at the paint on the walls, rather, their mobile Wi-Fi devices and laptops.

McDonalds in Canada stores has put up Free Wi-Fi (powered by Bell) for anyone in store to connect to, where no purchase is required to use. Here’s what Joel Yashinsky of McDonald’s said regarding Wi-Fi;

Providing value and convenience is what we’re all about and we’re thrilled to add free Wi-Fi as we look to continually enhance our customers’ restaurant experience. With the summer season and busy traveling months around the corner, free Internet connectivity, along with quality food and great value, will help make our restaurants convenient and family-friendly destinations for people on-the-go.

Another reason to go back to McDonalds instead of Tim Horton’s or Starbucks… nothing beats an Egg McMuffin, and their coffee is pretty good now too.

[Via – MobileSyrup | McDonalds]

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