Lenovo is NOT releasing a 23inch tablet – don’t believe the unbelievable hype

• 13/04/2011

You may have read somewhere online that Lenovo was planning on manufacturing a 23 inch Tablet device, possibly running Windows. As much as this story gtot people wondering how and why they would ever need a 23inch Tablet device, others started spreading this rumor as fact, and although it may sound awesome…it’s not fact. In fact, Lenovo squashed that rumor soon after it hit the interwebs everywhere.


We have no plans to introduce a 23-inch Tablet,

So while it may not be too bad an idea to have a somewhat portable LARGE Tablet for the home, it’s just not happening right now. Unless of course someone decides to turn one of the existing touchscreen All in ones from Lenovo or HP into a portable Tablet…that’s do-able right?

[Via – Engadget]

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