It’s Friday, friday, gotta get down on Friday – Rebecca Black teaches us valuable lessons

• 01/04/2011


Rebecca Black is an overnight sensation getting her 2 weeks of youtube fame by releasing one of the most hated and made-fun-of videos possibly of all time… Friday. Well folks, it’s Friday, April Fools in fact, and we thought we would share a few life lessons with you that have been taught to us by the young, but now ever-so-paparazzi experienced Rebecca Black.

Rebecca is actually realizing that this is all fun and games, and despite the fact that people are totally shredding her online because of the first Friday video, she’s running with it, almost in a Charlie Sheen way. This next video tells us the ‘hidden meaning’ of the Friday lyrics…it’s actually pretty funny.

And finally….the movie trailer we’ve all been waiting for starring Rebecca Black! SUNDAY COMES AFTERWARDS!!

[Via – funnyordie]

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