Games most popular for mobile devices – ‘healthy’ apps are last, human de-evolution begins

• 06/07/2011


Is anyone else surprised to see that all anyone cares about when it comes to mobile applications is games and social netowrking over any app that may make us better human beings as a whole? I hate to say, but I’m not. It’s a real testament to how technology is actually making us dumber and inept, as well as unfeeling and uncaring of the human condition, as well as to one another.

Simply put, the charts show that games, weather and social networking are dominant in the mobile app download market, and ‘healthy’ or apps that may actually have a real purpose are dead last such as Health, Education and Personal Care. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good game, but these stats just make us look bad as a population, LOL.

Awesome job humans….hit the source for more depressing views on the human condition as it relates to mobile applications.


[Via – BGR | Neilsen]

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