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• 09/02/2011


Well everyone, the HP Event is over and there was alot of new concept talked about. I’ll start in the order of least impressive to most impressive (which seems to be the same way HP must have thought of it).

There were 3 new devices discussed, as was leaked earlier on HP’s web store. The Veer, Pre3 and the TouchPad, all running WebOS. HP’s pitch seemed to be the same OS on all devices, but we’ll get to that later. These devices were stated to be in “sizes” rather than variety, small (Veer), medium (Pre3) and large (touchpad). First downside though, no pricing was announced other than what we expect for the Veer and Pre3. The price for the TouchPad will hopefully be just a little less than the iPad if they want to sell these fast, but again, we don’t know for sure.

The Veer has the following:

  • HSPA+ (4G)
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g, bluetooth2.1
  • 8GB onboard storage
  • memory – same as Pre 2
  • SnapDragon Processor 7230

The Pre 3 has the following:

  • HSPA+ (4G) and EVDO Rev. A world phone
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, bluetooth 2.1
  • 8GB or 16GB onboard storage models
  • Memory – same as Pre 2
  • SnapDragon Processor

The HP TouchPad has the following:

  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, bluetooth 2.1
  • 16GB or 32GB onboard storage models
  • twice the memory of the Pre 2 (LOL, why not just say what it is)
  • Dual-Core 1.2 GHz processor

They certainly did their work making this all about the TouchPad, which I encourage you to have a look at the photos below, all courtesy of IntoMobile for being at the event.

Last but not least, HP plans on putting WebOS on their PC’s to unite the full WebOS expreience across all their new devices. This is pretty big, and it may mean a whole new OS for PC’s aside from Linux or Windows.

[Photos and images – intomobile]

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