Electree Bonsai Tree – charge your devices using solar power

• 21/09/2011

Vivian Muller, a French designer has recently announced the release of a new photovoltaic (solar powered) charging accessory for electronic devices in the shape of a bonsai tree called the Electree.

This new beautifully crafted solar power charging device is capable of charging a 13 500mAh battery using its 27 leaves, each of which is a single solar panel. The bonsai tree comes with branches that are rotatable allowing users to shape it any way they want and trailing wires are kept to an absolute minimum with a hidden A/C Outlet and USB connector.

This aesthetically pleasing device does, however, come with a fairly sizeable price tag of €269 ($370) and the designer wants to get presale orders of 400 before taking to product to market fully.

Unsurprisingly, the Electree has initially received mixed feedback with some criticising the cost of the device and questioning the value of a device that is far from portable and is only really viable in a home or office where electricity is available in abundance.

Others, however, are impressed with its overall design of the tree and believe that solar power sources are serious underused in electronics, making this eco-friendly device a welcome addition for any green conscious users out there.

Interested? Pre-order it directly from Vivien Muller.


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