Cows Disrupted Vodafone UK Network Coverage

• 01/10/2011

There may be plenty of ways that disruptions of coverage may occur, but this one is a peculiar reason for those who are staying in a certain location in England, as the Vodafone coverage has been out for weeks because of the outrage of cows. Not your everyday news headline, but this is truly the real reason behind the mobile phone signal shortage.

In the article on Ubergizmo by way of News & Star, the Vodafone subscribers in the West Cumbria experienced a shortage of mobile phone coverage for weeks because of the rage of hungry bovines.

In the rage of these cows, they were so hungry that they decided to tumble the fence around the mast in Moota Cockermouth, and they settle for lunch on the lines of Vodafone resulting from network coverage failure, and the company launched an investigation about this matter.

One of the affected Vodafone subscribers James Waite said that he experienced poor signal and unsent text messages, and since the last week the signal was totally disrupted.

Vodafone spokesperson said that apparently, the cows have eaten the BT link. BT owns and manages this links. It is their responsibility to repair the damages.

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The spokesperson of British Telecom, Whilst commented that though it is their equipment, it is not part of their site, and they had to wait for the complete repairs of the fence for the area to be made clear. He apologised for the inconvenience that was caused by an unexpected situation.

As early as 5am, it appears the area was cleared and repairs were completed as the Vodafone Coverage in West Cumbria is restored. Let’s hope the place and fences are completely cow-proof and cows might likely go somewhere rather than feasting mobile phone lines.


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