Cameras are Everywhere…Beware – Parent Multitasking Fail

• 01/03/2011

Yes, cameras are everywhere folks. It’s apparent when you turn on the news anytime and see that any footage they’ve attained for most breaking stories is typically shot from a mobile camera of some sort. When you turn on Entertainment Tonight (ET) and see the latest celebrity gossip, again, most images and video is shot from a mobile camera. heck, even people who shop at WalMart have become subject to the mobile cameras attacks on their personal lives.

It’s so hard to turn away isn’t it…we agree. So in light of that point, here’s a new segment called ‘Cameras are Everywhere – Beware’.

This first entry is one sent to me in an email forward, yes another forward, some hate them, some live for them each morning. this image was clearly taken by a mobile camera, unfortunately for the subject, showing off his obvious parenting skills while multitasking on his smartphone. The poor child is suffocating behind him. I didn’t know you could use children as back cushions did you?
parent multitask fail

We’ll put these out as often as we can.

[Image Source – TheChive]

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