“Call of Death” rumor caused panic in Nigeria

• 25/09/2011

A regulatory body in Nigeria has stepped in to reassure people that they can’t be killed by a telephone call after widespread rumours caused panic.

It seems that a text message, which quickly went viral, spread throughout the country telling recipients that they would die if they answered a call from a certain number.

The SMS said that several people had already been killed by picking up to the number 09141.

The Nigerian Communications Commission issued a statement saying: “Technically it is not possible for such a thing to happen. It is therefore unimaginable that someone will die while receiving a call.”

Reubon Muoka, commission spokesman went on to say that only people who were “very gullible” would believe such a thing.

Nigeria has the highest population in Africa and it is thought that such rumours thrive due to “poor education and superstitious beliefs” as this is not the first time that the public has fallen for such a scam.

The country is also famously linked to scam emails which are targeted at the Western world, telling recipients that they can claim a portion of a huge fortune if they supply their bank account details.

Other scams include placing large orders with small businesses that they say they will pay for in advance, and at an inflated price, if companies supply bank details.

(via – techwatch.co.uk)

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