AT&T: Over 200,000 iPhone 4S units sold in the first 12 hours

• 08/10/2011

Over 200,000 units were sold by AT&T in the first 12 hours after the iPhone 4S preorder was opened by the Cupertino, California-based tech juggernaut and its partners, the U.S. wireless carrier has revealed.

AT&T commented that there has been an “extraordinary demand” for the iPhone 4S which was launched just a day before Apple’s legendary cofounder Steve Jobs passed away.

The news comes after some disappointment about the iPhone 4S. Many were expecting a more radically improved iPhone which would have been the expected iPhone 5.

People were expecting design changes to the iPhone, much like Apple did when it released the iPhone 4 which was aesthetically different from its predecessor, the iPhone 3GS.

Nonetheless, AT&T’s announcement does confirm that the iPhone 4S is far from being a flop.

Industry observers, however, have remarked even before the AT&T revelation that the faster CPU and GPU of the iPhone 4S coupled with the critically acclaimed voice-activated assistant called Siri will drive Sales of the new smartphone.

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