Amazon Kindle Fire Silk Browser: Is Your Data Safe?

• 17/10/2011

American lawmakers have expressed privacy concerns about the Amazon Silk browser to be deployed with the latest Tablet from the internet commerce giant, the Kindle Fire.

In a letter to billionaire Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Rep. Ed Markey, who co-Chairs the Congressional Bi-Partisan Privacy Caucus, expressed concerns of the Congress about the privacy of users of the Silk browser.

Amazon, during its unveiling of the anticipated Kindle Fire, touted a revolutionary way to make browsing through its Tablet more efficient.

According to Amazon then, since tablets in general are limited by the limited memory and processing power they have built-in, they have design the split browser called Silk which will utilize the massive computing power of Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers.

Using this technology, the Silk browser lets AWS servers process most of the data requested by users when browsing the internet while the Kindle Fire will only download the already-processed data to display pages thereby reducing the load on the handheld device itself.

However, the Congress wants to know what Amazon will do with the trove of data stored in its servers because of users utilizing Silk.

Specifically, the Congress wants to know whether Amazon will sell or rent its gathered data from Silk to advertisers who may possibly buy adds to be displayed on Kindle Fire units.

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