A Shocking $201,005 Bill from T-Mobile

• 23/10/2011

A Florida woman is now fast becoming the perfect and most well-known example of “bill shock” after receiving a phone bill from T-Mobile amounting to over $201,000.

Florida Woman Bill Shocked After Receiving 201000 Dollar Bill From T Mobile 300×168 Florida Woman Bill Shocked After Receiving $201,000 Bill From T Mobile

A Florida woman, Celina Aarons, got a shocking $201,000 bill from T-Mobile. Image: WSVN

The bill was no accident and T-Mobile has verified that it is accurate, reports say, and Celina Aarons should have been legally required to pay it.

We say should here because T-Mobile is said to have been kind enough to lower the $201,000 bill ($201,005.44, to be exact) to just $2,500.

T-Mobile has also let Aarons pay the bill in increments for the next six month, says a report from WSVN, the TV station which reported on the woman’s plight.

According to the station’s report, Aarons usually pays $175 for her phone bill, a measly amount compared to the $201,000 bill.

The bill was apparently racked up by her mute and deaf brother who spent two weeks vacationing in Canada and did not turn the phone’s data roaming off.

In a transcript of the video report from WSVN, the brother, Shamir, is said to have texted over 2,000 times and used the phone to surf the net and download videos.

The bill, which ran 43 pages long, easily piled as for example, it is revealed that T-Mobile charged $10 per megabyte of data consumed while roaming.

The news comes as T-Mobile and other companies are soon to implement guidelines as members of the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association to warn users when they are about to hit their plan’s limits.

Nonetheless, it is said T-Mobile sent five warnings to Shamir while the bill kept bloating but WSVN noted that those warnings could easily be overlooked if you text over 2,000 times.

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