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Funny and Weird iPhone 4S Cases [Photos]

Funny and Weird iPhone 4S Cases [Photos]

• 17/10/2011 • Comments (0)

The iPhone is arguably the most revolutionary product Apple has released in its existence. With nearly 50 million iPhones sold to date, there are hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of iPhone cases that have been created. We have compiled some of the most creative ones, but also a few of the wackiest and most unusual iPhone […]

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Verizon ditching iPhone 4 accessories to make way for iPhone 5 launch

Verizon ditching iPhone 4 accessories to make way for iPhone 5 launch

• 25/07/2011 • Comments (0)

It looks like people are gearing up for the highly anticipated launch of the iPhone 5, (or as some believe it may be the iPhone 4G/4S). Verizon is one of those awaiting its’ arrival, by clearing out iPhone 4 accessories to make way for shelf space consumed by iPhone 5 accessories when it launches.

Tags: Accessories, August, Clear, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iphone5, Launch, lighter, liquidate, price, release, rumor, september, thinner, verizon, verizon wireless, vzw

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Anymode samsung galaxy tab case

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 case a design copy of the iPad’s Smart Cover – ‘What patent infringement lawsuit?’

• 19/07/2011 • Comments (0)

If you were Samsung, and battling Apple on several patent infringement lawsuits for copying things like the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone, would you put out a case for your Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 that mimics the Apple iPad 2 Smart Cover? The answer should be obvious, but we saw that a product from AnyMode made its way to a Samsung website as an accessory to the popular Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Tags: Accessories, accessory, Android 3.1, android tablet, Android3.1, AndroidTablet, apple, CultOfMac, cupertino, Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Tab 10.1, GalaxyTab, GalaxyTab10.1, Google, Honeycomb, look and feel, LookAndFeel, pulled, Samsung, samsung galaxy tab 10.1, SamsungGalaxyTab10.1, slate, Smart Case, smart cover, SmartCase, SmartCover, Tab, tablet, tablet pc, TabletPc, yanked

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iOS 5 burned cable

iOS 5 beta is burning down the house… is Apple under ‘fire’ for bad code?

• 08/07/2011 • Comments (0)

Yes, beta can make your dreams come true, or it can burn them down. In this case, they can burn your iPhone 4 cabel down as seen above. Developer Gus Pinto tweeted earlier that while testing iOS 5 on his iPhone 4, he noticed it running hot, and then saw small flames that ended up burning his icable.

Tags: apple, beta, burn, burnt, cable, code, developer, fire, flames, Google, ice cream sandwich, iOS 5 beta, Ios5, iphone4, melted, os

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kickstarter paintbrush ipad capacitive touchscreen art

The Flow is a paintbrush for your iPad or other capacitive touchscreen device

• 15/04/2011 • Comments (0)

Welcome to a new age in traditional painting where you can create digital art with a mobile canvas, but still use a traditional paintbrush…sort of. I guess this won’t be traditional art anymore will it. The Flow from Kickstarter is a paintbrush for any capacitive touchscreen device, which majority is currently apple iPod Touch, iPhone, […]

Tags: apple, art, artist, capacitive touchscreen, ipad, iphone, iPod touch, kickstarter, mobile art, modern art, paint, paintbrush, the Flow, traditional art

Category: Accessories, Apple

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Android adapter concepts will accessorize any headset

Android adapter concepts will accessorize any headset

• 28/03/2011 • Comments (0)

New start-up Makible has come up with a unique concept in hopes of receiving funding to … start-up their start-up. Their concepts promise to accessorize any headset to work with Android using a a nifty and eye-catching adapter.  First, they included the standard headphone adapter which will turn any set of headphones into a proper […]

Tags: Accessories, adapter, Android, headset adapter, headsets, iphone, Makible, start-up

Category: Accessories, Android, Apple, iPhone, Stuff

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Original iPad with fancy new Smart Cover? Yes, please!

• 24/03/2011 • Comments (0)

So you’ve got yourself a generation one iPad and feel kind of bummed out that the super magentically-delicious Smart Cover wasn’t built for you.  We feel your pain.  Or more like Dan Provost did, and he decided to do something about it. Dan took a few rare-earth magnets and strategically glued them in the corresponding […]

Tags: apple, Apple Smart Cover, ipad, iPad 2, rare-earth magnets, smart cover, video

Category: Accessories, Apple, iPad

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Official Angry Birds iPad2 cases hitting the market

• 10/03/2011 • Comments (0)

If you’re an Angry Birds fan, and you’re about ready to pick up one of those sweet Apple iPad 2s, you’re going to love these cases that have been fitted for the iPad2 from Gear4.

Tags: Accessories, angry birds, cases, gear4, ipad, iPad 2, iphone4, protect, Rovio

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bluetooth sunglasses

Mobile Products you should NEVER buy…EVER

• 12/02/2011 • Comments (0)

There’s often alot of products you may see on late night infommercials and such, that make you shake your head in dissappointment. These products shown in the gallery below are far worse than that. Have a look, and tell me if you think we’ll ever see these innovators on the Dragon’s Den. Also, don’t ever […]

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