Verizon leaks new BlackBerry Bold 9930 a day early – Whoops!

• 26/07/2011


Yesterday, Verizon let the cat out of the bag on RIM by accidentally allowing the new BlackBerry Bold 9930 introduction video to appear online. This is ahead by a day where BlackBerry’s Facebook page and Twitter notified the world that we would be in for a surprise on July 26th (today) with a new release. It’s clearly the BlackBerry Bol 9930, which is a combination QWERTY touchscreen device, has 1.2GHz processor, 8GB onboard storage and runs the new BlackBerry OS 7. It’s too little too late, and the forums are lighting up already that this is just the same as other BlackBerry’s, and RIM needs to change the design to attract attention again from smartphone consumers.

The public has spoken RIM, change your design and you might save your business. There’s nothing great or new to see here, but you can have a look anyway if you feel you must.

[Via – BGR]

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