India government asks for BlackBerry email access by March 31

• 17/03/2011

india palace

Government intelligence agencies in India are demanding that RIM grant access to their BlackBerry email services in an attempt to monitor terrorist activities via email.  They have asked RIM to provide this access by March 31st, or RIM may have to shut down all email services within India.  India is not impressed with the lack of cooperation from RIM, and states that they believe that other counties such as United States, Saudi Arabia and China have all had access given to them to RIM’s BlackBerry email services in the past, so why not them too to further the battle against terrorism.

RIM doesn’t seem to be playing ball here, and one RIM executive stated earlier this week that India’s security demands are “astonishing“.  RIM has told the India Government that they do not provide such services as whats being asked, and therefore, looks to be riding this out.

[Via – BGR | Reuters]

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