Facebook Chat now available in BlackBerry beta version 2.0

• 18/03/2011


BlackBerry users get excited because Facebook for BlackBerry 2.0 is the new beta version which includes Facebook chat. The app is available now through the BlackBerry Beta World portal and also includes support for messages in Facebook on top of the new chat feature. Notifications for either will appear in the notification area just like news feed updates and friend requests did before.

The new design layout may also help in not “liking” every page you visit on your BlackBerry either, which will be an added bonus. The profile area has been changed a little as well which looks more like the Facebook app on iOS and Android featuring the wall, info and photos tabs on a users profile, making it easier to navigate. Not sure when this will come out of ‘beta’, but no doubt it’ll be soon.

[Via – BGR | BlackBerry Blog]

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