BlackBerry PlayBook will have Need for Speed and Tetris installed

• 15/02/2011

The BlackBerry PlayBook has been the focus of many enterprise integration discussions, no doubt mainly due to it being a BlackBerry. RIM still holds a large market share in the mobile space, even with Android and Apple making the charge. RIM is looking to have the PlayBook seen in a different light though, gaming.

EA set up a spot at MWC where we can see how the PlayBook handles intense gameplay like the motion seen in EA’s Need for Speed games, as well as great classics like Tetris. Even though we don’t know when this Tablet will be hitting the streets exactly, we do know it’ll be coming with the last 2 mentioned games pre-installed, full versions included. Pretty good deal to get your Tablet gaming collection started we think.

Check out the pics below.

[Source – Engadget]

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