BlackBerry PlayBook sales higher than expected

• 20/04/2011

blackberry-playbook sales

RIM is making a run at competing against Apple, Samsung and Motorola for Tablet sales by launching their BlackBerry Playbook yesterday in the US and Canada. Not many people thought this was going to do anything special at launch, some thought it may be a waste of time, but as it would turn out, the BlackBerry PlayBook may be exceeding sales expectations the first day.

RBC Capital Markets General Manager Mike Abramsky said in a note to investors Wednesday that the PlayBook may have sold over 50,000 tablets on the first day, after 70 different Best Buy, Staples and Radio Shack stores were called to report sales numbers. Numbers like these actually put the PlayBook ahead of the first day sales numbers from the Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy Tab, which is impressive considering how late to the game RIM is coming with a Tablet device. They may sell 500,000 devices by the end of Quarter 2 2011 at this rate.

[Via – BGR]

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