BlackBerry PlayBook blocks Hulu in browser

• 22/04/2011

hulu blackberry playbook block

Well, if ytou’re one of the consumers who decided to buy the new BlackBerry PlayBook in hopes that you could start hitting Hulu to catch the latest episode of House, you’d be a wee bit upset right now. Why? The BlackBerry PlayBook native browser is currently blocking Hulu from being accessed, no doubt frustrating many new PlayBook owners who have Hulu subscriptions.

Android Tablet owners have been pretty frustrated for some time over the same issue, although, there may be a fix for you to try. One user at CrackBerry reported that emailing himself the Hulu embed code in his gmail, then clicking on it opened up Hulu without a problem. Give it a shot, but if it doesn’t work, you may be waiting a while longer. Sorry Hulu/PlayBook owners.

[Via – Engadget]

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