BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing beta from RIM available – app replaces secretary

• 11/04/2011

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RIM has put out a new app in their BlackBerry Beta Zone called “BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing“. The app will be able to install on your BlackBerry device and allow you to schedule meetings and conference calls right from your device. Once a meeting or call has been scheduled, it will automatically block out that time in your calendar, as well as any people you sent the invite to. Once the conference is about to start, a pop up appears for the reminder, giving you an option to join simply by tapping or clicking a button. It’ll connect you to the conference/meeting with access codes and all. If the call is dropped, its just as easy to re-connect with a 1 click option again.

Sounds so easy, any executive should be able to handle this…but just in case your executive still has some trouble, they may need you to stick around after all. My advice, get to know this app inside and out so you’re still valuable.

[Via – Engadget]

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