BlackBerry Curve Touch Orlando has a full qwerty and touchscreen

• 11/04/2011

blackberry touch curve orlando touchscreen qwerty

RIM is said top be launching a couple more additions this year to the Curve lineup, including the Apollo and Sedona, but here we see something a little different. It’s the BlackBerry ‘Orlando’, which is a Curve Touch with full QWERTY and touchscreen. We didn’t see this on the leaked BlackBerry roadmap earlier this year, but RIM is running pretty fast to get back into the smartphone game after continuously losing market share to Apple and Google’s Android OS.

Many of these new BlackBerry devices are said to make an appearance at the BlackBerry World event next month, but we’ll have to see if the image we see here is in fact a new ‘Curve Touch’, which ironically is being dubbed “Orlando”, which also happens to be where the BlackBerry World event is scheduled on location.

[Via – BGR | n4bb]

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