BlackBerry Bold 9900 and Bold Touch 9930 – hands on images

• 02/05/2011

rim blackberry bold touch 9900 9930

In Orlando at the RIM BlackBerry World event taking place this week, BGR got a chance to grab some images hands on with the newly announced BlackBerry Bold Touch 9930/9900. The Bold Touch felt quite light, being the thinnest BB to date, as well as sturdy, as typical with BlackBerry device construction.

The new OS 7 was very responsive as well, but that may simply be due to the 1.2GHz processor under the hood. OS 7 looks just like OS 6, which in my viewpoint is a downside as I believe major version changes should incorporate some kind of aesthetics change as well as features and functionality. Looks good though, and maybe a little traditional to older BlackBerry Bold devices. This is basically a faster BlackBerry Bold with a better OS installed.

[Via – BGR]

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