BlackBerry App World 3.0 leaked image

• 13/05/2011

blackberry app world 3

After all the RIM BlackBerry hype and new launches from BlackBerry World 2011 a few days ago, I didn’t think we’d hear alot about BlackBerry anything for some time. But, to the contrary, a screenshot of what the new BlackBerry App World version 3.0 made its way online, as seen above.

The user interface has some changes in the look and movement of the software, along with a search bar at the top, easy categories to navigate through, and you can share the apps you use through BBM (BlackBerry messenger). It somewaht resembles the layout of the Android Market app, where the top is reserved for search and slideshow app images, and the bottom for categories and results.

This new version should be bundled in June July with the new BlackBerry 9900/9930 launch, hopefully.

[Via – MobileSyrup]

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