your iPhone and iPads are being tracked – knows where you are at all times

• 21/04/2011

apple iphone ipad paranoia tracking

Apple iPhones and iPads are currently under fire right now as security concerns lit up today everywhere after a security expert and a friend discovered a file within Apple iOS that tracks the devices every location anytime it connects or roams on a 3G network. This has raised security concerns, not so much about what Apple may do with this data, but rather what someone personally could do with this data against you. Anyone with access to your device could easily extract this information, knowing where you, or your devices at least have been anytime.

The file tracks only 3G network connectivity in iOS devices, so basically, if you didn’t want it to track, you would need to manually turn off your 3G connection. Apple has not given any comment yet as to the purpose of this file within their iOS software, and that makes people worried. have a look at the CNN videos below to see what you need to worry about, and why.

[Via – CNN]

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