Will we be seeing the White iPhone 4 in the next few weeks?

• 14/04/2011

unicorn white apple iphone 4 mythical launch


The picture really says it all when we try to think if we’ll ever see a white iPhone 4 hitting the shelves in our lifetime. It’s been over 10 months now since this mythical creature, only few have seen and lived to tell us about it, was supposed to be on sale. Why the ‘white’ lies Apple? Why?

We’ll never know, but rumors webs are spinning again about us seeing this Unicorn with both AT&T and Verizon models within the ‘next few weeks’ according to Bloomberg. Honestly, by the time this device actually goes on sale, the iPhone 5 will be out, and no one will want the white iPhone 4 anymore anyway.

[Via – MobileCrunch (special thanks for the pic) ]

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