White iPhone 4 is thicker than the Black model – problems for case manufacturers

• 29/04/2011

apple white iphone 4 is thicker than black model

It looks like the white iPhone 4 is fatter thicker in dimensions than the black model by a small margin, but enough for it to cause an issue for case manufacturers. Why is it thicker? Apple needed to add some extra UV protection to make sure the components functioned properly inside it’s albino skin, which evidently, made it a¬†smidge¬†larger. Why do we care? uh…good question.

I guess the manufacturers will just have to make their cases a hair thicker to make due. Or… you can simply get these outer shells for the iPhone and turn your black iPhone 4 into a white for 1/5 the price. Will the components still work? Most certainly yes.

[Via – Engadget]

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