White iPhone 4 available April 27th from Apple and Best Buy?

• 25/04/2011

white iPhone 4 best buy apple 16GB

I, for one, am glad it’s finally going to be available in the US and in other parts of the world, not because I want one, but I’d rather report on other news than ‘white iPhone rumors’. So hopefully this will be one of the last of many white iPhone articles you’ll read about here, unless of course there’s something to say about it after it’s release. ;)

All that said, the white iPhone 4 looks to be hitting our country side by Wednesday April 27th through Apple and Best Buy stores, which jives with us seeing it available at Vodafone in the UK already, and Best Buy clearing shelves for it earlier this year (that was a little too far in advance). It’ll likely be priced just a bit higher than the normal black iPhone 4 to justify changing the color of paint in the factory. Other than that, it’s exactly the same as the original in every way.

white iphone inventory 16GB apple best buy

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