Where Does iPod Classic Go?

• 01/10/2011

Is it possible that iPod classic will be cut from the market, and Apple will give a shove to the iPod Shuffle?

So much for the rumors and latest news in Apple as the iPhone 5 is due to its launching early in October. However, there’s also a rumor regarding the music player which the company introduced to us a decade ago.

Rumors say that iPod classic model will be canned out by Apple as it currently stands to its original design of hardware without touch screen.

iPod classic is different from other models such as it uses the traditional hard drive rather than what the rest has now with their flash memory.

Apple is planning to assemble the range, and some will definitely miss the iPod Classic. There are users who are inclined in using the music player as their solely focused with the 160 GB space for the massive storage of music collections.

There is a rumor that was picked up by a source who spoke to TUAW indicates that the iPod shuffle may be assembled for the boot. This will leave all the entire models as they are uniform with touch screen series of devices plus the flash memory too.

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Apple claimed that there is a due product transition as based in their last earnings, and that leaves a theory to the transition, for that matter. It may lead to the shift within the range of the iPod line which actually make sense.

Apple is moving forward as it reaches its consumers by a cloud model gaining the entire music collections that are stored on their servers, which can be accessed by internet connection. Definitely, Apple never misses the massive storage in hard drive of the iPod classic which actually make sense.

The company’s revenue of less than 10% comes from the musical devices, mainly of the iPhone and iPad, still iPod classic at any rate is not in the critical reach it once was for Apple.


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