What to Expect from iOS 5 ?

• 25/09/2011

Apple’s new mobile operating system iOS 5 is due for release some time in the next month, and Apple boasts that the updated OS will have more than 200 new features.

With that in mind, here are a few tasters of what you can expect to enjoy on your device with iOS 5.


Firstly, there’s the new notification centre; swipe downwards on any screen and you will be able to access all of   your notifications at once. Everything from email, social networking news, weather, calendar events and more will appear here and you can lock the screen in order to look through them.


Then we have “iMessage”, this is a new messaging service designed to enable all iOS users across devices to send unlimited text messages via Wi-Fi or 3G. Group messaging is enabled and with this, you will also be able to send photos, videos, locations and contacts.

iMessage is essentially a chat function for the iPad, iPhone and iPod, whereby you can see when your friend is typing a message, and pick up conversations on different devices.

Next up we have “Newsstand” which enables you to keep magazine and newspaper app subscriptions in one place. This is backed up with a new location on the App Store and will send all new purchases directly to Newsstand. New issues are automatically updated and added to the app for you.


Also new is “Reminders”. This is really just a fancy ‘to-do’ list which notifies you with, well, reminders. These can be set so they are location based, so if you need to go to pick up your dry-cleaning after work, then you can set this to remind you as soon as you leave the building.


These also work in conjunction with iCal, Outlook and iCloud (which we’ll come to soon) so that changes will be made across all of your devices.


Integrated Twitter is coming too, enabling you to tweet directly from your device and adding (if you want) locations to your tweets.

The camera has been updated to include the ability to open directly from the lock screen and grid lines to allow gestures to zoom, focus and play with exposure. If you have Photo Stream enabled in iCloud, you can access the pics on any of your devices at any time.

To complement this, the photo enhancement app has also been updated to allow you to edit photos within the app. Pictures can now be organised on the device into folders, much more convenient than the current iOS.

Safari has been tweaked to allow a less cluttered experience and you can now enjoy ad-free surfing. There is also a reading list feature that lets you save interesting pages/articles to read at your leisure.

iPad will feature tabbed browsing, rather than the current tile arrangement and performance is optimised across all devices, allowing for faster browsing.

Really good news for many is that iOS 5 has at last done away with the need for a PC to update your device. Now it can be set up directly out of the box, with apps and iOS updates all possible directly on the device.

Everything can also be backed up and restored using the iCloud.

Mail has been improved to include the ability to search the inbox (about time, the current search function is useless), flag messages and format text.

Another exciting and much more convenient feature is that it is now possible to sync your device wirelessly with a PC.
Airplay Mirroring lets you wirelessly stream what’s on your iPad 2 to your HDTV via Apple TV.

iCloud is due for release at the same time as iOS 5 and it stores your content so it’s always available to your device(s). Everything in apps is kept up to date, such as email, docs, music, photos etc and when you sign up you automatically get 5GB of space.

All in all, exciting stuff if you have an Apple device, I for one am looking forward to having a play around with it all.


(via – techwatch.co.uk)

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