Verizon ditching iPhone 4 accessories to make way for iPhone 5 launch

• 25/07/2011

It looks like people are gearing up for the highly anticipated launch of the iPhone 5, (or as some believe it may be the iPhone 4G/4S). Rumor is that Verizon is one of those awaiting its’ arrival, by clearing out iPhone 4 accessories to make way for shelf space consumed by iPhone 5 accessories when it launches. A sort of ‘Summer’ cleaning if you will. That launch of course is expected to be in September, where Steve Jobs will make his usual speech and amaze us all at how truly revolutionary the next iPhone will be over its formerly great and not too old iPhone 4.

The clearance will be more likely to a sale on iPhone 4 accessories as opposed to a removal of them at stores, since the iPhone 4 is still hugely popular for Verizon, I mean, why would they want to get rid of sales right? We’ll soon see.

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[Via – BGR]

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