Tweet confirms White Apple iPhone4 coming this spring

• 15/03/2011


Well, we’ve been hearing rumors upon rumors after rumors about when the mythical White iPhone4 will make it’s official debut, and it finally looks like we may have some concrete evidence to see it sooner rather than later.  As seen in the pic above, we should see the White iPhone4 this Spring, which by my count starts in a few days… but also lasts 3 months.

We’ve been watching for it, and saw it in AT&T’s inventory system, then we saw Best Buy making shelf space for it, and finally one appeared in Hong Kong magically.  With all of this news coming out for the past 2 months over it, you’d think we’d get a final word on it from Apple’s spokesperson, but I guess a Tweet from a staffer will have to do for now.

Via - Twitter | intomobile

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