Top Complaints about new iPhone 4S

• 24/10/2011

iPhone 4S the latest smartphone launched by Apple developed with a combination of innovative ideas, extra ordinary technical skills and expertise is running successfully in the market. But people have started complaining about a few things in this amazing gadget. No doubt iPhone 4S has taken the user experience to a whole new level and people are enjoying using it but still the complaints put forward by the users are really important. Following are a few complaints about the new iPhone 4S:


Dark iPhone 4S Screen

The very first complaint put forward by a few users is that when you turn on iPhone 4S its screen appears to be a bit darker than the iPhone 4. People who have not used iPhone 4 and have bought the new iPhone 4S don’t really feel the difference but those who were using iPhone 4 and then they shifted to iPhone 4S feel it. Although the brightness level is adjustable but it annoys the users when they have to go to the screen settings and increase the brightness.


Personal Voice Assistant Siri is Slow

The next complaint is about the intelligent personal voice assistant Siri. Yes it is true. Siri according to a recent report is the most popular feature in the new iPhone 4S. People really love to use it and almost 90 percent of people are buying the new iPhone 4S just to enjoy this feature. But those who have bought it are having issues with Siri. Some say that Siri sometimes gets confused and keeps on saying “Try again please”. A few customers have complaint that Siri works really slow. Some experts say that the servers which dictate Siri are facing unexpected high traffic that is why Siri takes more time in responding to the commands of the user. Apple said it is the Beta version of Siri and more versions will be introduced soon it means they surely are working on its improvement.


Sprint Network Makes it Slow

The last complaint most of the iPhone 4S users have is that Sprint is really slow. iPhone 4S has A5 dual-core processor in it to make it a quick device but the Sprint network makes it slow. A simple solution to it is to change your network.

Weak iPhone 4S Battery

New iPhone 4S owners are starting to fill forums and Twitter feeds with complaints about their handsets’ battery life. Although some are suggesting that iOS 5 has also had a negative effect on power usage on other iDevices, it is the new Apple phone that is attracting the most frustration.


Apart from all these complaints iPhone 4S is still a great device. Apple promises excellence in every product therefore it will surely bring improvement in iPhone 4S and resolve all the customer complaints. Let us see if Apple can do it without Steve Jobs. If you have bought an iPhone 4S recently and facing some problems please share them with us.

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