The Flow is a paintbrush for your iPad or other capacitive touchscreen device

• 15/04/2011

kickstarter paintbrush ipad capacitive touchscreen art

Welcome to a new age in traditional painting where you can create digital art with a mobile canvas, but still use a traditional paintbrush…sort of. I guess this won’t be traditional art anymore will it. The Flow from Kickstarter is a paintbrush for any capacitive touchscreen device, which majority is currently apple iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPads. Other devices this paintbrush will work on is below along with the products description:

One thing we’re really interested in is bringing traditional experiences from the real world to the digital world by creating products that bridge the gap. Touch screen devices like the iPad are amazing, but they can’t replace the tactile experiences we’re all used to. A great example of this is painting on the iPad. There’s no mess, no supplies, and you can bring your work with you wherever you go. Amazing!

The problem is that you’re limited to painting with either your finger or a stylus. Finger painting on the iPad becomes cumbersome after a while. When your finger starts to sweat you introduce unwanted friction between you and the screen. Using a stylus is great for sketching, but not for painting. With most styluses using a foam or rubber tip, it doesn’t feel like painting at all.

ANY touch screen Android phone or Tablet

webOS – Pre, Pre Plus, Pre 2

Tablet PCs such as the Dell Inspiron One 2305, Gateway One 2×4800, HP Touchsmart 600-1350, HP Touchsmart 300-1122, Lenovo Ideacentre B308, and Sony Vaio VPC-J118F8

[Via – Kickstarter]

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