Steve Jobs to announce iPhone 4G at WWDC? iPhone 5 next year

• 31/05/2011

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Rumors, rumors, rumors about what Steve Jobs may be selling us at WWDC next week on Monday June 6th. We know we’ll be seeing the announcement of Max OS X Lion, as well as iOS 5, and possibly some hardware discussion. Also, we’ll be getting a good look at the new Apple iCloud service. What else though?

Many believe that we’ll still get a glimpse at the successor iPhone, some call the iPhone 4S, and others call the iPhone 5. I’m going to throw my view into it and call it the iPhone 4G. I’m betting that if we get any sort of iPhone announcement, it’ll be an iPhone with true 4G/LTE capabilities, and maybe a couple of other slight enhancements to the battery life. That’s it. I also think that we’ll still get another iPhone in the Spring of 2012, of which Apple won’t announce at WWDC, but rather, will make a public announcement of it somewhere in late Q4 2011, after people have had a good chance to buy the iPhone 4G.

The iPhone 5 will be the one to wait for, hopefully because it should have 4G/LTE, NFC built-in (even if Apple doesn’t quite believe in it yet) as well as battery life upgrades, larger storage options, and maybe even a buttonless front plate, with glassless 3D display.

My money is on us seeing a quick announcement of the iPhone 4G. I could be wrong, and we’ll all find out next week.

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