So Much for hype – Verizon iPhone launched, nobody showed

• 11/02/2011

tommyboy iphone

Well, it’s been a long few months, constantly hearing about the Verizon iPhone…almost to the point of not caring at all. It was alot like our typical radio stations, getting ahold of a hot new single, then spinning it every 15 minutes until we puke the lyrics out without even thinking where we learned them from. Or like our good friend TommyBoy who would kill and torture a sale right when it started to look promising, petting it, playing with it, …calling it a naughty sale….then STRANGLING IT!

Maybe that’s why only 2 people showed up at teh Mall of America Apple Store to buy a Verizon iPhone4, as seen in this video below. Sure takes the wind out of everyones’ sails doesn’t it.

[Source – Engadget]

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