Rumours on the iPad 3: Updates and Things We Should Know

• 02/10/2011

apple-ipad-3GThe competition of android tablets is on, but nevertheless, Apple will definitely find its way to top the sales as the rumours of iPad 3 surfaces in the mainstream. Is it a good-bye for the iPad 2? Now the factory moves on as it predicts the iPad 3 specifications which include the chips, retina display, and camera. Of course, with the help of anonymous people who chose to be unidentified gave us a sneak peak of iPad 3.

Although there were reports from other sources such as Reuters that in the fourth quarter of 2011 the new iPad 3 will be due, and there are signals that it can also be in early 2012. However, a rumour has it that it could be this November.

There was also a rumour that Apple may set to delay the release of the new iPad 3 as there was a shortage of retina displays from their respective suppliers, Samsung and LG. The great news is, there’s a big possibility, we can now get the Retina Display iPad at last, and Apple reportedly are testing the 2048 x 1536 resolution with 9.7-inch display from LG and Samsung’s present shipments.

The iPad 3 release date in UK is still unknown, as Apple were unable to meet the first demand of the users for iPad 2, definitely the release date seems likely it would follow the pattern of the prior launches of the two iPads, expecting they might do it all in the New Year.

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There are speculations that the iPad 3 will have a dual-core processor with the new Apple’s A6 processor. However, if the rumour about the release date is correct, then it is very timely. Definitely, as the launch of iPhone 5 draws near, we expect it with A5 processor and not A6.

We might never know as Apple might exceed our expectations on the new iPad 3, but we certainly expect that the iPad 3 will have the same processor and graphics as the iPad 2 which has A5 processor and with PowerVR SGX543MP2 on its graphics. Well, we’ll see as the year ends, if iPad 3 will be released this 2011 expect an A5 processor. Apple may surprise us with the new iPad 3.

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