New Survey Unveils Heavy Demand for the iPhone 5

• 30/09/2011

There’s only one way to find out how valuable your product is to the marketplace. And that is through its demands. For the Cupertino-based giant Apple, where the gap between supply and demand is always in a state of equilibrium, answering the needs of the consumer market can be fairly easy – especially when you have the world’s most famous smartphone.

In spite of the stiff competition in the mobile market, the iPhone remains to be the undisputed number one smartphone to ever grace the planet. With the next-generation iPhone already on the queuing list, the anticipation and excitement is starting to rise with more and more people confessing their plans of coveting one just as soon as it will be released.

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According to RBC Dominion Securities, the forthcoming iPhone 5 era looks more promising in terms of customer demand compared to that of the iPhone 4. The statistical data that we’ve gathered showed that approximately 31 percent of the entire consumer market has sincere plans of buying an iPhone 5 upon its release. This is definitely a huge feat for Apple.

Many months ago, prior to the official introductio of the iPhone 4, the pre-launch demand percentage was just a little below at 25%. Condescendingly, the survey also showed that an estimated 66% of current iPhone users will probably upgrade to the next-generation model. Come October next week, the iPhone 5 is expected to appear in California for its official induction. Even as we write at this very moment, we are starting to feel the butterflies in our stomach.

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