New MobileMe may offer music locker for $20 a year

• 29/03/2011

According to some sources from The Music Void, Apple may be launching a new MobileMe service this year with a brand new ‘music locker’ feature.  This music locker would allow users to store and access their music in the cloud.  MobileMe isn’t a stranger to online storage functionality but accessing music this way is new.  Rumor has it that Apple may already have a deal with Warner Brothers Music Group allowing users to access music in the cloud.

What could this mean for the end-user?  You could stream music from your iTunes library to any computer, or re-download tracks you’ve already paid for.

There are rumors that a free MobileMe service is coming soon, however The Music Void states that Apple intends to charge around $20 per year for the new cloud service.

[Source – BGR and The Music Void]

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