Nearly 1 million Apple iPad2 tablets sold over launch weekend

• 14/03/2011


Not like this is a surprise for anyone, given all the hype about the iPad2 over the past couple of months, but it appears that analysts claim that Apple has sold nearly 1 million iPad2 tablets over the last weekend after it’s official launch last week. The Apple iPad2 had reportedly been sold out across almost all Apple outlets offering the iPad2.

Some unofficial stats from Global Equities research suggest that they believe 60% of iPad2 buyers were upgrading from the original iPad, while 40% were new iPad owners. They also believe that 100% of iPad2 buyers have another Apple device of some sort, but I’m not sure I agree with that. 100% is a pretty strong claim, I’d go with maybe 90%, after all, it is possible for Android users to get an iPad.

[Via – BGR]
[Source – Reuters]

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