Media Apps Unveiled for iPad 2 (FaceTime, iMovie, Garage Band)

• 03/03/2011

With the iPad 2 equipped with 2 cameras (one front-facing and one rear-facing), Apple has unveiled the iPad 2 compatible FaceTime app, joining the iPhone, iPod touch, and Mac devices. The app is rumored to be able to support video chatting cross-device and will be available built in to the iPad 2 sporting iOS 4.3 on March 11th.

Also introduced at Apple’s media event was iMovie for iPad (including a video editor, multitrack audio recording, over 50 sound effects, new themes, and the ability to share HD videos with popular sites). iMovie is also compatible with iPhone and iPod touch, and is currently available for $5 in the App Store.

And finally, Garage Band for the iPad will be a must-download for all music lovers out there. The app features multiple touch instruments and recording capabilities, or the option to plug in and play real instruments. Along with guitar amps and effects, recording capability, and over 250 audio loops to choose from, the app is compatible with its OS X version for Mac. Garage Band will also be available for download from the App Store March 11th for $5.

[Source – BGR]

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