Losing Weight? There’s an App for that – 5 Best Health and Fitness Apps

• 28/03/2011

So, how’s that New Years’ Resolution treating you?

You know the one I mean.  The same one you set each and every year to ‘get in shape’, ‘lose weight’, ‘eat right’.  The one that you forgot about three months ago like the rest of us, perhaps?

If you’re anything like me (and I wager like almost everyone) then you probably haven’t been completely faithful to your resolutions.  Maybe it’s because you didn’t have the right tools to help you stay focused and motivated.

Well, that’s where technology can help.  Where would we be without apps for our smartphones, really?

There are all kinds of apps available to help you live a healthier life.  Mashable put together a pretty good list a while back with some iPhone apps.  (Some of which are also available for download on Android and BlackBerry devices.)

Here are a few of our own favorites that we’ve experimented with.

Weight Loss Apps

Most weight loss apps include the basics: calorie counter, exercise tracker, and weight loss goal tracker.

Lose It!

A free calorie counter and fitness tracking app is the one I use the most. You can select food and exercises from a library or enter your own, which are saved to the library for future use.


iTunes Store

My Fitness Pal

This free app includes a calorie counter and fitness tracker and the ability to sync with an online account on the My Fitness Pal website and share updates with your social networks.


iTunes Store

Step Counter/Pedometer Apps

Sometimes we don’t realize just how many steps we take in a day. Those steps can add up to a pretty decent calorie burn and assist in weight loss goals.


As far as free pedometer apps go, this one is pretty great.  You can set your pace for either walking or running, let it run continuously, create playlists to walk to, and even calibrate the app down to the step length you take.  This app also tracks the calories you’ve burned.


iTunes Store

Specialty Fitness Apps

In addition to walking and keeping track of what you eat, you may want to consider a specialty fitness app.  These are focused on specific types of fitness such as yoga or pilates, or provide detailed fitness routines complete with what exercises to do for maximum calorie burn.

Nike Training Club

This app (designed with women in mind) is like a virtual personal trainer complete with full workouts, goal-specific workouts and drills, and a content reward system.  Receive audio encouragement with an English speaking voice over and share rewards and progress on Facebook.iTunes Store

Pilates Interactive

Get your Pilates mat exercises on the go with this app. A library of exercises for you to create a custom workout with, or follow one of the preset workouts like the Basic 10 or even the Couch Potato.  Get long and lean with Pilates on your phone.


iTunes Store

This is just the tip of the app world iceberg.  We know there’s tons more out there – and paid ones too – so please, share some of your own favorite fitness apps in the comments below!

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